I'm Esther Schinkel, a UX designer specialized in user research, interaction design and complex systems. These skills I get to practice and put to use daily working at FeedbackFruits. Based in the beautiful Amsterdam and armed with some amazing colleagues, we're on a mission to improve higher education

complete platform redesign.

FeedbackFruits is a mission-driven startup that helps students learn through providing a platform that facilitates mixing the best of online and offline learning together in a course. The only problem was that the platform needed a big overhaul to be able to grow and adapt along with the education world and even be a front-runner. To make this happen I worked on a complete redesign of the platform, rebuilding it from the ground up.

study activity viewers and analytics.

To learn a subject, students need to complete a set of study activities of which each gives them a new piece of information or help them use what they’ve already learned. For teachers to help each student learn most effectively they need data on how each is doing. With the right data, they can spot which student needs some extra care and why. For this project, I designed both how students are guided through study activities, and how teachers see the students learn. 

study activity creators.

Creating their course and each individual study activity is one of the main hurdles that teachers experience when doing a course that has online aspects. Since FeedbackFruits has multiple tools, there was a chance for us to set ourselves apart and create a very smooth and consistent experience of creating a study activity over all of our products, so that teachers can look forward to creating online parts to enhance their students’ learning.