Portrait of Esther

I’m Esther Schinkel. A UX designer specialized in interaction design, user research, and information architecture. Lots of what I know I have learned from being responsible for most of the design and research work at FeedbackFruits, a company dedicated to improving higher education.


What I love to do most is take lots of complex and diverse needs and requirements and figure out how to best put them together into a simple, easy to use interface that truly enhances someone’s learning experience. This requires me to always keep learning and to spend lots of time with users, which I really like doing since they make every month different from the previous. The best moments are when teachers or students tell us that they loved using our tools and that it really made the course better.


Introducing a user-centered approach to the FeedbackFruits team has allowed the team to really understand why we’re building what we’re building, which helped make the product what it is today. A well-loved set of didactic tools that is being used to facilitate and innovate education as a market leader in the Netherlands, and hopefully soon beyond.